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Let's Go! with USANA

Apr 4, 2023

USANA Emerald Director André Gordon is the quintessential Renaissance man. Not only is he a USANA entrepreneur, he’s also a working Hollywood actor with an IMDb page packed with credits including voice work on video games and cartoons and acting gigs on Raising Hope, Modern Family, and Star Wars: Gray Trials.

André is committed to helping others reach their full potential. We talked about the importance of mentoring and partnering with people who support and challenge you. He’s dynamic, funny, and the living embodiment of somebody trying to Start Something Dramatic. Get it? He’s an actor.

Find out why attending live events are important for personal development and growing your USANA business. Plus, André shares stories from Convention, working in Hollywood, and how he’s leveraged what he’s learned from USANA to improve all aspects of his life.

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