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Let's Go! with USANA

May 2, 2023

Erin King is the world’s leading digital persuasion expert, a two-time bestselling author, and the Chief Digital Officer for Strikepoint Media. A powerhouse on stage, SUCCESS Magazine names Erin one of the top must-see motivational speakers of 2022, alongside notably luminaries like Jay Shetty and Mel Robbins.

Her client list is a who’s who of industry leaders—including the Academy Awards, Disney, Visa, and even the U.S. Navy—to help them communicate more effectively and reach a broader audience.

In addition, she’s the host of On Your Terms with Erin King, a podcast that explores and redefines what it really means to be happy, healthy, and wealthy in a post-pandemic world. Erin chats with impressive guests about sales, marketing, communications, branding, the future of work, and building a positive mindset—it’s a must listen for anyone interested in perfecting their leadership style and improving your overall sales approach.

If you enjoy this conversation with Erin King, you’re going to love seeing her in person. Join us in Salt Lake City August 10–12 for USANA Live 2023 Americas and Europe Convention. Early bird pricing for Convention ends May 31. Register today and save $100. Get curious and sign up now.

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