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Let's Go! with USANA

Aug 5, 2022

As founder and lead designer of The Good Abode interior design agency, Christine Martine creates intentional, functional, and beautiful spaces through holistic and online interior design.

Her passion transforms homes and spaces into environments that soothe, heal, and spark joy. But don’t just take my word for it. Visit her Instagram feed @thegoodabode and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Brilliant designs add nature and personal touches that are stunning to look at, but even more exhilarating to live in.

Just like our discussions on the importance of holistic health to balance to our body, mind, and spirit, Christine blends these same elements in interior design. Her clients find balance in their homes through biophilia, color therapy, Feng Shui, lighting, and intention.

Together, these elements create incredible places for us, our friends, and family to find harmony with each other and our space.

From Grand Rapids, Michigan to Seoul, Korea, Sao Paulo to Laos, Christine travels the world for inspiration, perfecting her eye to bring unique designs for your happy, healthy home.

Find Christine at her website,, and follow her on Instagram @thegoodabode.

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